Targeted nanoparticles

Through the integration of multidisciplinary approaches within medicinal chemistry and nanobiotechnology, Nanomater can design and build nanoparticles for "Active Targeting", with programmable features, in order enhance site-specificity towards different biological targets, as well as to increase the therapeutic efficacy and the bioavailability of active molecules.

The nanoparticle surface can be functionalized with specific ligands (antibodies, peptides, aptamers or small organic molecules), which allow to increase the plasma half-life, reduce immunogenicity and favor the targeting toward surface proteins overexpressed on target cells.

Nanomater can encapsulate molecules provided by the client and engineer or functionalize the nanoparticles according to specific requests


-structure-based design of ligand for targeting

-polymer functionalization with ligand

-targeted nanoparticles formulation

-nanoparticles characterization

-in vitro dissolution test

- In vitro stability test



-in vitro biocompatibility test

- In vitro cytotoxicity test


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